Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thinking about homeschooling? Scheduling.

So you have picked your style and settled on some ideas. Great! Now, how are you going to plan your day? Your year? How are you going to homeschool? Will you have a room? Some shelves? A cupboard and drawers in the kitchen?

These are all things to think of as being organized and having a place for everything will help everything run as smoothly as possible. Here are some links that deal with organizing your homeschooling environment.

Now that your space is organized, it is time to look at time! Just because public school runs September to June, Monday to Friday, doesn't mean that is the schedule every homeschooler needs to adopt. That may work for some families while others need a different flow. There are many things to take into account when you set out to plan a schedule, follow these links to help sort out the information you need.

This all seems very confusing and stressful at first but like everything in homeschooling such as curricula, organization and methods; schedules can be changed and altered as needed. Nothing is ever written in stone.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thinking about homeschooling? Resources.

On the side bar of this blog you will find lots of different resource ideas. The internet is full of thousands of ideas and you can find just about anything you want if you just take some time to surf around.

Once you decide that you want to homeschool then you need to choose what style of homeschooling will work best for you and your family. I wrote about each style in the posts~ Homeschool Research and you can get tons of ideas and associated curriculum. Check out Homeschool Diner too as that site is very informative! You can also take a look at The First Ten Steps.

Once you find a style you like, read through some relevant blogs and see how some families are homeschooling right now. Most blogs will share their curricula choices and resources.
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