About Us

Welcome to Moncton Area Secular Home Educators or MASHE!

This group is for home schooling families in the Greater Moncton and surrounding south east New Brunswick region.

We are an inclusive group open to any type of home schooling family, regardless of faith, culture or reasons for choosing to educate your children at home.  We are all about the kids and supporting each other in this wild journey. This group is secular in nature and we ask that religion not be discussed.

We hope to use this group as an arena to connect with families, plan activites and outings, announce group parent meetings, share experiences and discuss day to day learning questions and issues.

We will be coming together with differing opinions, homeschooling methods, lifestyles and personalities. We ask that tolerance be shown to all and that we remain respectful of each other at every turn.

If you are in the Moncton region and are interested homeschoolers, 
please join our Yahoo Group.
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