Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Contest~ Adrien

Adrien sent in his AWESOME entry into the poetry contest. Very funny!! He was inspired by having a new baby in the house. We can all realate to that Adrien!

"Old Man Talk"

Once there was a baby who talked like an old man.
He couldn't walk, so he drove a van,
To go play Bakugan Brawl with Dan.

Then he went back home and didn't take a nap,
And he went for a run after checking his map.
On his run he passed a bun,
And he ate it, even though it was in the garbage.

He went to work as an astronaut,
Then he decided to be an astronaut mascot.
He watched a TV that got trapped in space,
And got blasted off the space base.

The baby fell back to Earth,
Landed on a trampoline,
And bounced back into space,
And was never seen again.


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