Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Cute....

Today the snow had melted enough that I could get to the shed in my backyard. The new fox kits were out and I got a couple of photos of them. I didn't think I would see them but Mom and Pop fox were out hunting so they were snooping!

This is their den and one little fella is right in the middle by the bush.

I zoomed in and you can see both of them. They are so dirty from rolling down the hill! They won't turn red for another month or so.

When I got back in, Mom had returned. She is starting to molt, that is why she has that dark patch on her back.

About an hour later, pop came back with a snack and mom went off for a little break. You can't see him well but he is a very bright red and has a gorgeous fluffy tail. He also is much more nervous than the Mom.


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