Monday, September 26, 2011

Linky Monday~ The Schedule Edition

The start of the year always brings with it talk of schedules and plans start being drawn up on computers and in planning books all over the homeschooling community.  For the last couple of years I would basically follow the public school calendar but instead of taking the summer off we would move into a "Summer Schedule" of sorts. I basically like the idea of homescholing year round but I don't think we were taking enough time off.

This year I have decided to change things around and our new year round schedule is blocked off in terms with a week off between terms and additional weeks off at Christmas and in the summer. It ends up being the same number of days as public school but arranged differently.  I have changed our daily schedule too. I used to make specific plans for each day but this year I am making a weekly plan of the things I want us to get done. I have an overview plan loosely done for the year which I broke down to the different terms.  The terms are then broken down by week. Some topics are touched on daily but others are only done on a weekly or months basis. I only plan ahead a term at a time as things change and I like having our schedule open and adaptable. We'll have to see how this works.

Not all homeschooling families grapple with the scheduling dilemma but if you do these links may help you out. Keep in mind that many homeschooling families from south of the border have to report and document all their hours of schooling so some of these plans and tips reflect that.

 Daily Schedules

Yearly Schedules


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