Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tracks on Tuesday

We had our first Young Naturalist meeting last week and it was all about Tracks and Scats. Here are some links if you want to do some additional learning on the subject.


Track Activities


My sister and I were lucky enough to do some hands on track study with our families over the weekend!

Our parents have a summer place over in Parkindale and they had found some bear tracks in the woods a few days earlier. We figured it was the perfect time to do try out the plaster cast technique. They covered the three best tracks with pails to preserve them until we arrived.

A perfect specimen!

Make a cardboard frame and sink into the mud.

Mix up the plaster~ one part water, two parts plaster.

Pour it very gently into the mold.

Even it out.

Then wait.

One hour later...

Lift out the casts.

Give them a light brush to take off the mud and then voila!

Three pretty cool bear tracks!!


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